Line of Duty – It’s good to be back!

It was wicked filming with Jed Mercurio, Vicky McClure, Kelly Macdonald, Gregory Piper and the whole cast & crew for season 6 of Line of Duty. I enjoy the infamous interview scenes as I like making viewers feel their emotions.

The dramatic scenes were like being in a James Bond film. The scenes are intense and quite dramatic, but that is what I enjoy acting. It’s exhilarating.

Thank you for all the interest, support and encouragement on social media, and to all my new followers on Twitter. I think it’s great to see more people living with Down syndrome on mainstream TV, and I’m so happy to play a role in that! I hear it had over 13 million viewers and that is rather a lot really.

Jed is a brilliant writer. The scenes were intense but that is what I enjoy acting.