Acting with Downs

Tommy is often asked what his dreams as an actor with Down syndrome are. Here are a few recent interviews where he explains that being an actor with Down syndrome or an actor with a disability is just like being anyone else. You feel the same emotions and you have the same dreams. You just need the opportunity to play the roles.

Tommy was recently interviewed by Comcast NBC Universal as part of the Portland Film Festival,

“.… I like to watch people and understand what makes them feel their quite strong emotions….. They should believe in people like me when casting. I think people are scared but they shouldn’t be. People have out of date ideas about our lives…… Let us show you what we can really do in life and in film”.

Tommy was recently interviewed by BBC Radio London and by Mariella Frostrup for Times Radio.

I do like playing someone with powerful emotions. He takes control, he thinks things out, plans carefully…… I wish even more TV shows and films would realise this and write even more powerful roles and characters for us.” Tommy speaks at 6.57mins

Discussing  Down syndrome representation in film. With the producers and director of Innocence.

 “Acting truly is a great passion in my life. I loved playing a character with such powerful emotions.. I can literally play anything you can throw at me.”

Community Living magazine

I really want to play someone who might want to save the world in a sci-fi fantasy really…..

Q: Is there a role you would like to perform either on stage or screen?  

A: I would like to play Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and James Bond”. 

Q: Could you tell me a little about how you came  to be involved in acting and the benefits you think drama has for people with learning disabilities.

A: Well. I first started acting in theatre and I also reckon there are really loads  of benefits that drama has for people  with learning disabilities actually. You  can learn new acting skills and make  new friends and it truly is good fun putting on a play. I have noticed that people get scared and nervous before a play and now they are getting more confident.