• Coming Down the Mountain, single drama for BBC 1, Ben; joint lead, writer Mark Haddon, Director Julie Anne Robinson, Tiger Aspect
  • Innocence (short), Dylan; lead role, Director Ben Reid, Sweetdoh films
  • Fighter (short), Fighter; lead role, Director Bugsy Steel
  • Down & Out (short), Billy; lead role, Director Natalie Kennedy, Rainmaker Pictures/Chalkboard Pictures
  • Delilah (short), Charlie; lead role, Director Charlotte Tiltman
  • Little Shit, Fisherman, Director Richard Gorodecky, Post Panic
  • Day of the Flowers (feature) John, Director Jonathan Rae, Rogue Elephant
  • The Damned United (feature) Football fan, Director Tom Hooper, The Damned United Ltd
  • Matt, Matt Director Angus Hubbard, Loaded Productions
  • Freddie’s story, Freddie, Director Will Jessop, Blue Apple Theatre


  • Line of Duty (episode 5.4), Terry Boyle, Director John Strickland, BBC1
  • Line of Duty series 6
  • Casualty Cliff, Director Jonathan Fox-Bassett, BBC1
    • What Tonight Means To Me (episode 1)
    • What Tonight Means To Me (episode 2)
  • Holby City, (Old Wounds), Anthony Nugent, Director Ian Jackson, BBC1
  • Off Their Rockers, Prankster, CPL Productions ITV
    • Blue Badge special 1
    • Blue Badge special 2
  • Doctors, (The Best Medicine), Josh Atkins, Director Emma Sullivan BBC1
  • Monroe (episode 1.4), James Cooper, Director Paul McGuigan and David Moore ITV
  • Hamlet, (extracts), Director Vladimir Pozner, ALBION, Channel one Russia Television Documentaries
  • Growing Up Down’s features Tommy’s journey as Hamlet, director Will Jessop BBC1 and BBC3
  • Tommy Jessop: Taking a Gamble, Christine Alresford, ITV Meridian News Feature
  • Tommy’s Story, Will Jessop, Community Channel
  • Inside Out, Jane Goddard, BBC 1 South Today

Television Interviews

  • Good Morning Britain 
  • ITN live
  • GM NewsTV live with Alistair Stewart
  • BBC Breakfast live interview BBC1
  • News at Ten ITV
  • Doctor Doctor Channel 5
  • Channel 4 News
  • BBC 3 ‘Things People With Down Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing’:
  • BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire
  • NBC Comcast for the Portland Film Festival

Radio Plays

  • The Climb, Frankie; lead role, Director Pauline Harris, BBC Radio 4
  • M-Stone, Eamonn, Director Stefan Escreet, BBC Radio 4
  • The Archers, Callum, Director Peter Leslie Wild, BBC Radio 4

Radio Interviews

• The Today Programme BBC Radio 4

Times Radio Interview with Mariella Frostrup for Innocence and for the Down syndrome Bill.
• BBC Radio London interview for innocence
• Various local radio stations when touring as Hamlet


  • Hamlet (tour), Hamlet, Director Peter Clerke for Blue Apple Theatre
  • Surprises, What You Will Pop Up Shakespeare, Hamlet, Bottom, Directors Mark Rylance and Jonathan Moore, Globe Theatre, London.
  • The Sonnet Walk, Demetrius, Directors Jonathan Moore, Mark Rylance, Globe Theatre, London
  • Scratch Comedy Night, Orlando, Director Sally Phillips, Orange Tree Theatre,Richmond.
  • The Tempest, Prospero, Director Richard Conlon for Blue Apple Theatre
  • Waiting for Godot, Vladimir, Director Sam Curtis Lindsay, culture Device, Hackney Showroom, London
  • Much Ado About Nothing, Don Pedro (tour), Director Peter Clerke for Blue Apple Theatre
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Bottom, Director Peter Clerke for Blue Apple Theatre
  • The Government Inspector (Gogol), The Mayor Director Peter Clerke for Blue Apple


  • Living Without Fear, Bobby & a Bully (national tour to theatres & Parliament tackling hate crime and mate crime) Director Peter Clerke for Blue Apple Theatre
  • Freddie’s Story, Freddie, Director Peter Clerke for Blue Apple Theatre
  • The Hotel du Paradis (Feydeau), M Paillardin, Director Peter Clerke for Blue Apple Theatre
  • It’s a Wonderful Life, Henry F Potter, Director Richard Conlon for Blue Apple Theatre
  • A Christmas Carol, Marley’s Ghost, Director Richard Conlon for Blue Apple Theatre
  • Sleep Project, Narrator & Henry’s brother, Director Caroline Byrne for The Actor’s Centre.
  • Adam dreams of being a chef, Adam, Director Laura Dymock, (touring) for Phoenix Theatre, Bordon.
  • Adam’s football dream (duologue), Adam, Director Laura Dymock for SVA at the Chichester Festival Theatre.


  • Guest dancer ‘This Bright Land’ at Somerset House August 2022 – choreographer Daniel Vais
  • D@win (dance tour to Virginia USA) – Choreographer Caroline Hotchkiss
  • Culture Device Dance Project, Artistic Director: Daniel Vais
  • The Rite Re-envisioned – Royal Opera House, London
  • Hypnotic Congress – Hackney Showroom and Bridewell Theatre, London
  • The Endangered – Photographers Gallery, London
  • This Will End in Tears
  • Dance for emergencies – Arebyte Gallery London
  • Initial conditions
  • Thank you for all those words that have not been spoken
  • The Growth
  • Fear – Choreographer Jo Tarr (touring)
  • Who is Hamlet, dancer as Hamlet – Choreographer Jo Tarr
  • Touching your Heart – Choreographer Jo Tarr – Rediscover Your Heart Awards in London and Winchester Cathedral
  • What Fools these Mortals Be – Choreographer Jo Tarr
  • Bowler & Braces – Choreographer Jo Tarr – Boomtown Festival