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The best night in my entire acting lifetime.

Line of Duty WINNER National Television Awards

Best Returning Drama.

Sometimes dancing speaks louder than words, especially if you are at the O2 in front of a huge audience and your dream comes true.

Thank you National Television Awards and all the brilliant cast and crew of Line Of Duty and everyone who voted.

It was wicked seeing the other actors again including Martin Compston, Gregory Piper and Nigel Boyle.

Then we met all sorts of wicked people backstage too.

It was brilliant playing all the dramatic scenes in Line of Duty series 6, especially being rescued by Vicky McClure and interviewed by Kelly McDonald and Perry Fitzpatrick.

Thank you Jed Mercurio for such a great story line.


Line of Duty – It’s good to be back!

It was wicked filming with Jed Mercurio, Vicky McClure, Kelly Macdonald, Gregory Piper and the whole cast & crew for season 6 of Line of Duty. I enjoy the infamous interview scenes as I like making viewers feel their emotions.

The dramatic scenes were like being in a James Bond film. The scenes are intense and quite dramatic, but that is what I enjoy acting. It’s exhilarating.

Thank you for all the interest, support and encouragement on social media, and to all my new followers on Twitter. I think it’s great to see more people living with Down syndrome on mainstream TV, and I’m so happy to play a role in that! I hear it had over 13 million viewers and that is rather a lot really.

Jed is a brilliant writer. The scenes were intense but that is what I enjoy acting.